Monday, March 16, 2009

really long day....

I took Gage to the doctor this morning because for like...the last month he just has not been well...not a whole lot of energy...just not acting himself...I could tell he's losing weight...his digestive system has not been up to par...and he's had a fever and a cough that he can't seem to completely shake...never gets real bad...just lingers. So, I took him in and he's down to just a hair above the weight he was at 6 months old...and he's almost 14 months :(. Doctor said his liver felt just a little swollen (??)...So he had blood tests and chest x-rays...and we'll find out about it tomorrow. *sigh* They poked him soooo many times to try to get blood....they kept trying different a little bit...then the vein popped...or something like that (?) they sent me to get the x-rays and then bring him back. He's sleeping now...probably wore out from all the trauma and screaming. Anyway...I'm sitting at the computer feeling very tired and brain I thought I'd write something. Back to making english muffins!