Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Keith's 3rd Birthday!

It was Keith's 3rd Birthday the other day...and he wouldn't take a normal picture! He kept making these really random faces!

So Tommy tried to help him smile... :)

Elli....very much so being the big sister...

Yup...the candles were definitely an adventure!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The past two weeks...

I can't figure out how to get this underline off....oh well. Anyway...here's the last couple of weeks...just random stuff :) I want to post something from Keith's birthday tho' and if I don't post these first...it'll be out of order...and that just goes against my logical and analytical brain.

Elli has taken a serious liking to talking on the phone...especially to her fancy auntie nancy... :)

Keith got a haircut...he looks stoned or something tho' in this picture...I promise he wasn't!

Tommy reading to Gage...

We went to bird park again...I love that place :)

Keith was very fascinated by the dew drops on the grass

Keith got a haircut! Doesn't he look older?

Gage has this kind of wierd crawl...instead of crawling on his hands and knees...he crawls on his hands, one foot and one knee. It's amazing how different all the kids have been. Elli hated crawling...crawled a lot when she was 2-3 and she'd play with Keith...but hardly ever before that. Keith was crawling up stairs by 7 months or so...and Gage...does this...oh well :)
Gotta love 'em all!

Sick kids...

Keith kept asking me why he had to sleep on the plastic tablecloth...I felt so bad...but this stomach bug that we (all) got was vicious...and even I sometimes had a hard time grabbing my bucket thing on time. yuck yuck yuck. I shudder to think about it...One of the few times in my life that was worse than morning sickness. Oh, and I did lay a blanket on top of the plastic table cloth so he wasn't laying directly on plastic...but he squirmed off of it in this picture.